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A thick, gaseous cloud of undelenite cloaks the surface of Tesrasada up to an elevation of 1.5km. Thus, all of the Bastion species from this world breathe above the gas layer. Only the lumose may breathe unassisted. The rest of Tesrasadan civilization cooperates by keeping skyters afloat or using lumose for support in order to live out the entirety of their lives above the gas.

Its native species include:

- Skyters

- Dragons (Nomadic)

- Lumose

- Cloudborne

The Kssktr

While the gas layer is lethal to the dominant species that live above it, there is a dominant species beneath the cloud layer known as the Kssktr. They're a vicious, swarming scavenger species numbering in the high billions. They're quadrupedal and relatively small, with none seen larger than five feet in length. What little information on them has been collected suggests that their bodies are optimized for tearing and shearing, but their skittishness means that as little as an unexpected noise can send them fleeing. If a dying skyter lays on the ground and breathes too heavily, that's enough to delay the impending swarm from descending on the fresh prey.

As of late, Kssktr have attempted to send what appears to be primitive delegations up to the elevated species by way of singular kssktr climbing lumose. These delegations have attempted to speak, but their speech is incomprehensible and they have brought only scraps of carrion from otherwise-devoured corpses before either being flung back down, killed on the spot, or immediately retreating back down the lumose. This has given rise to a small contingent of nomads, skyters and cloudborne who are encouraging reciprocal attempts to communicate with the kssktr swarm.