Ssrint Hagacer

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"You like that one? I call it 'Anklebiter'. Newest member of the household. You're gonna meet the whole family tree." - Ssrint, doting on a freshly bloodied dirk.

Ssrint Hagacer (Srint Hag-ah-sir) is the Raurakath Bastion's appointed Head Enforcer, and the second mortal to ascend via Project Apotheosis.

Major Domains: Arms, blades, tactics.
Minor Domains: Duels, mercilessness, sieges.


Ssrint was born into an ordinary, lower-class dragon family on Dayspring during the War of Collapsing Shadow. He was recruited into the Academy at the age of 11, and began training in the use of short blades with an intense focus. As a child, Ssrint was quiet, unassuming, and stoic, rarely donning any sort of expression. On the rare occasion that he could no longer bottle up anger in combat, he badly lost his concentration and threw sparring matches, thus conditioning him to never show his emotions in battle. Even from his first year, Ssrint was considered a freak among his fellow students due to his extreme single-mindedness. Outside of daggers, he had no interests, hobbies, or friends. He commonly spent thirteen hours a day performing breathing exercises, rigid forms, drills, shadowboxing, practicing quiet movement, and sparring both organized and unorganized.

By the time Ssrint had reached his third year as an Academy student, he excelled both in stealth and the use of daggers. This resulted in the development of a cocky streak. At the beginning of the year, an academy master warned him against arrogance, and said that he wasn't nearly so competent as he believed himself. That night, Ssrint recorded video of himself waking the master from his sleep with a training dagger to the master's throat.

The following day, the master challenged Ssrint to an honor duel with wooden blunt daggers. The adult dragon easily overpowered Ssrint despite his practice, but before the student lost, he stabbed the master in one eye, permanently blinding him in that eye. The master was thus forced to live out his days with a reminder of humility.

In that same year, at 14 years old, Ssrint became the youngest member of the Academy to successfully complete an assassination mission. He'd killed a local guard captain in his sleep, awaking the entire garrison, but escaping unscathed.

Ssrint developed a significant ego as he continued growing, obsessively practicing, and taking missions from the Academy. He began training his fellows at the age of 16, before proceeding to branch out into other weapons. At first, he trained with straight swords and staves, but finding them

The head enforcer is rarely seen without his hoodie.

easy, he pursued the widest variety of weapons upon which he could sieze. By the age of 19, Ssrint was advanced in every form of martial weapon known to Dayspring. This included improvisation scenarios requiring him to battle unarmed against an armed opponent or, more famously, with a wooden kitchen spoon. While the Academy's infirmary had a policy to ask "what happened?" when taking in students and masters for treatment, Ssrint had begun to injure his classmates so frequently that the apothecaries stopped asking. They knew the answer - Ssrint happened.

This led to a reluctant ban on Ssrint's sparring. He'd become hated enough by the rest of the Academy, especially because no one had excuses for performing so poorly against him. He'd simply worked himself through an unreal devotion to the skill. With the ability to battle his classmates and masters taken away from him, Ssrint took to taking missions - literally. He stole the list of targets from Academy administration and set about eliminating them entirely on his own. Frustrated and robbed of his own ego by his self-wrought isolation, he developed a permanent scowl. He even refused a promotion to master, having no further desire to teach. Killing the Academy's enemies was the only thing that left him catharsis, and at the age of 21, he'd done more for the Dayspring rebellion than any other one figure. Only three military targets remained on the Academy's list.

Then, the Academy headquarters were discovered by the Vanguard. The government's forces brought all their might to bear in the form of an enormous siege, and all three remaining targets were present. This, Ssrint thought, would be his ultimate triumph - slaying the last of the Vanguard single-handedly, and claiming all of the Academy's glory as his final trophy. However, Ethereal, a recent, younger student who had proven clumsy and ineffective with every form of weapon, had developed an inexplicable power. Before Ssrint could identify an opening, Ethereal trampled down the entire Vanguard force, leaving no survivors. Ssrint was left humbled by the unearned ability of an incomparably incompetent student.

After Ethereal vanished post-battle in a fit of cowardice, Ssrint found himself struggling to maintain the will to live. He walked among Dayspring's citizens in open daylight for the first time, free in a city that he'd worked harder to liberate than anyone else, and he found no purpose. With nobody to fight, nobody to kill, and nothing to steal, he began to fall into vice.

After three months of his skill and potential atrophying, Ethereal showed up on his doorstep. Within twenty seconds, Ssrint had stabbed, decapitated, impaled, sliced, and all but eviscerated the blackscale, leaving a dozen weapons protruding from Ethereal's body. Of course, none could hurt nor harm him. Shocked and confused by the reaction, yet passive, Ethereal exchanged words with Ssrint until he understood the assassin's plight. Ethereal offered Ssrint meaning in the form of a place of high esteem in the Raurakathian Bastion, and Ssrint reluctantly accepted on the condition that should he ever discover how to slay Ethereal, the two of them would have to duel.

Note: Godslayer technology has entered common use in the IBN military. However, Ssrint has expressed no interest in this duel.

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