Saint Khyber

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Saint Khyber is the grand patron of the Destroyer's Order alongside his mate, Lady Rosetta. Despite all insistence that he is not in charge of the Destroyer's Order, Khyber acts as its ruler and directs coordination efforts between the five churches.

Deific Classification: Greater God
Major domains: Dominance, conquest, destruction, charisma, strength
Minor domains: Feet, dirges, horns, exile, dragons, nobility, brutality


A blackscale was born to a nameless blackscale tribe on a nameless world. He was abandoned in the woods far from his home as an infant for possessing red eyes and six horns, being the first dragon in the tribe to exert either characteristic. His tribe's lore spoke ill of such features, and so he was left to die. However, a redscale female of fifteen years heard his crying during a rebellious exploration, and she took pity on him, bringing him back to her own tribe. Though her kin was wary of accepting an outsider into their folds, the elders unanimously agreed it would be better that he be taken care of, and that they might one day find his home. The girl, a budding woman of exceptional wisdom and compassion despite her defiant streak, named the blackscale Khyber and mothered him beneath the tutelage of a female elder.

Khyber grew with exceptional speed in all regards. His mental development made him an intellectual prodigy capable of challenging the most brilliant members of the tribe in games of wit at the age of five. At the same age, he was twice the size of a normal five-year-old. His maturity, too, exceeded that of adolescent peers. His growth soon proved problematic, however, as housing and clothing him was difficult - at sixteen, Khyber was bigger than any one structure in the village, and so he was forced to sleep under a canopy on the village edge. On two occasions, he accidentally wrecked entire homes beneath his massive body.

The most problematic aspect of Khyber's upbringing was his tendency towards violence. While still a child, his size and wit proved brilliant for hunting, and the village saw an abundance of food thanks to his prowess. However, he frequently hunted wildlife even when the village stores were full - and he left nothing edible. He pounced and crushed anything he could find in the woods, often leaving crunched and splattered remains in the forest. Even scavengers stayed away from the village, for they learned that the thunder of Khyber's movement, even in the distance, meant death was near.

Khyber's understanding of his uniqueness, genius and fearsomeness as compared to the rest of the tribe was comprehensive. He understood that he had not come from the redscales, much as he cared for his adopted mother. Over time, this caused his behavior to shift. He became haughty and manipulative. When he returned from killing wildlife, he would demand that other dragons clean his feet of visceral remnants. He was the first to eat at every meal, and the redscales became terrified, for none of them could stand up to him. This compounded his superiority complex toward the tribe, and some of the tribe even came to worship him as a god, making sacrifices to and servicing him in secret. His mother expressed great concern, and acted as the voice of the tribe where Khyber was concerned - he would have to heed her words, as she alone could be credited for his survival.

Khyber's growth never stopped. The older he became, the larger he swelled. He grew to thousands of feet tall, his ascent rapidly accelerating. The distance between himself and his foster tribe couldn't be greater; to him, they became no more than bugs. He enslaved them all to the service of his gargantuan feet, his paws visibly bigger with every passing day. The six-horned giant especially took amusement in forcing his own foster mother to worship him, holding nothing but contempt and resentment for the fact that he'd once been considered similar to the tiny redscales. One day, when one of the elders' protests brought the worthlessness of the village into focus, Khyber crushed the entire village beneath a single foot, instantly slaughtering the entire tribe as if it were no more than a newly-built anthill.

The titan took to exploring the planet, believing that he would one day outgrow and devour the entire sphere. At miles tall, he devoured the populaces of land, sea and sky creature alike, consuming every living thing he could find in an effort to combat his ever-growing hunger. His own tribe was killed in a single step without his knowledge, and the other dragons were all wiped out in similar fashion, regardless of their position on the globe. The survivors of such slaughters attempted to find shelter undergound, but they were buried in earth the next time the godlike blackscale's colossal foot pressed into the ground above. After nearly starving, Khyber stumbled upon a crumbling ruin, the likes of which he'd never seen before. Shattered statues and dilapidated stone surrounded a once-sheltered font of crystallized, glowing blue liquid. Driven to misery, isolation and madness by his hunger and size, Khyber devoured the formation.

Khyber's hunger transformed, and his body coursed with power. A divine spark swelled within him, and the giant became an immortal god. No longer did he require biological sustenance; he then hungered ravenously for destruction. Effortlessly, he willed himself larger, as if merely taking in a breath. The dragon devoured the planet, shattering it in his jaws and swallowing the broken and bleeding remains. This brought him the first joy he'd ever known.

Adrift in the emptiness of space, Khyber flew through the cosmos, extinguishing them wherever he found something to consume. An increasing black patch of oblivion followed him. Other gods attempted to stop him, but they were crushed and devoured. As his reputation grew, lesser gods and would-be disciples sought Khyber out, insisting on devoting their existences to his glory. With this following, Khyber founded the Destroyer's Order. To this day, Saint Khyber leads his fanatic congregations across reality, trampling down life and mercilessly feeding on everything else.