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Since a vicious arcane apocalypse slaughtered the billions of transient creatures who called Relaqyrau (in the shackled language: "Bed of Gifts") their home yet left its flora, fauna and artificial structures untouched, the world's name was forever changed to Relyqyrthis ("Bed of Strife"). The slain inhabitants' spirits remain bound to the world, their existences ranging from a mindless and eternal repetition of their final acts to free participation in a necessarily macabre mimicry of their formal civilizations. Literal ghost towns stand defiant of the reclamation of nature where mortal magic was strong, but the rest of the once-civilized world has been ruined by the forests and deserts.

Its native species include:

- Dragons (Shackled)

- Watieni

- Haedreleaux

- Luxen