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Rathala is the father of humanity. Long-dormant after nearly stomping the Elder Wyrms to extinction, he has recently awakened and now scours all of existence for his children, delivering judgement to those who would oppress them.

Deific Classification: Greater God
Major domains: Humanity, fatherhood, judgement, supremacy, duty, masculinity
Minor domains: Feet, virtue, preservation, extermination, rage, grief

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After the injection, the Elder Wyrms took to subjugating the unscaled races across all of existence. Septillions, at least, suffered and died beneath their tyranny. Rathala, taken aback by the brutality of the dragons, vowed to defend his children and end the Wyrms' wave of genocide. As a human, his divine power far exceeded that of the dragons, and he overwhelmed them with sheer might. Hundreds of thousands of dragon gods were snuffed out beneath his grand heels, but the malevolence and fear within them sickened him. Though he was incorruptible, the exposure to such evil wore him down. Eventually, he tired of hunting them, and fell into a slumber of indeterminate duration. While sleeping, his breaths spread across existence and seeded the multiverse with new human civilizations, a process which slowly persisted through his entire slumber. With his power unopposed by the Wyrms, even when sleeping, Rathala's comatose form ensured that humanity would have a future - though he could not ensure the safety or security of the newly-birthed civilizations.

Relationship with the IBN

Upon encountering Ethereal, Rathala treated him as any other dragon. The phase tyrant narrowly avoided immediate destruction by phasing, and pleaded with the human god. When Ethereal demonstrated that he had preserved the humans of Brimstone and even integrated them into Bastion society, Rathala reluctantly spared him, leaving him with a promise of destruction if Ethereal ever harmed another human. The IBN generally avoids Rathala whenever possible.