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A Bastion inhabitant's "purpose" is their societal class. Every inhabitant has a purpose, and this purpose defines the foundation for their role, rights, and standing. Not to be confused with rank or status, purpose trumps both when examining the overall value of an inhabitant. An individual's purpose is regularly subject to change based on routine review, in which ambitious, hard-working and skilled slaves may be promoted. Conversely, lazy, negative, and inept slaves may be demoted to a lesser purpose. Every individual receives a purpose on their first day of stay either informally, via executive decision from Ethereal or one of the Aspects, or formally, via induction process.

Bastion Master

A position permanently held by Ethereal, the Bastion master is a force of absolution both within the Bastion and outside, on the world and possibly in the solar system. There is little law in place defining good or legal behavior toward the Bastion master, however Ethereal naturally cultivate an atmosphere of respect as a result of doing as they please. Especially in Ethereal's case, failing to humble oneself in greeting has resulted in punishments ranging from minor injury to death in multiple fashions. All slaves answer to the Bastion master.

The Bastion master possesses custom adornments which defy the convention followed by all sub-Aspect inhabitants.


The Avatar is the figurehead who takes charge in the absence of the Bastion master. This person is personally appointed by Ethereal for a number of traits, including great power, ability to dominate and control the entirety of the Bastion, high intelligence, and physical appearance. The Avatar is guided on matters of arbitration, management, and presence by the council of Aspects. Upon the Bastion master's return, the Avatar loses size rights and effectively becomes a common inhabitant until the master's departure.


Every Bastion's current leader is supplemented by a council of four Aspects, one from each of the world's four dominant species. Aspects are hand-picked by Ethereal to advise himself or the Avatar, and are typically chosen for exemplifying their species' physical characteristics and bearing exceptional strength, wisdom, wit, strategy, or any combination of traits thereof. Aspects always possess maximum size rights, and are commonly gods or goddesses natural or otherwise.