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Flux is the high priest/priestess of the Atom Herald in the form of a monstrous, bipedal orange dragon with gleaming red eyes and black markings. Flux is classified as a greater god and possesses great atomic instability which results in several effects:

  • Flux is highly radioactive, and usually guaranteed to inflict death on all mortals that enter their vicinity, with the best case scenario that of a long, futile battle against accelerated biological decay. Flux has demonstrated the ability to withhold this aura, though it appears to take conscious effort.
  • Flux often switches between male and female versions of themselves, including personality traits and physical attributes.
  • Flux's movements ignite catastrophic nuclear detonations around them, most commonly beneath their feet with each step they take (as with other Atom Herald priests).

Due to the severe dichotomy between Flux's sexes, making generalizations about Flux aside from the above is impossible.

Male Form

Flux's male form is kind, stoic, and gentle, despite his nature otherwise. His radioactive power is typically held in check or targeted very specifically, and even then, for the sake of fueling or protecting those he cares for. He perceives life as valuable, but the destruction thereof as a necessary measure to perpetuate the Destroyers' Order and keep the Curators in check. He generally reserves destruction only for designated targets and leaves other worlds alone.

Flux's male body is muscled, stocky, and hunched over. It features thick, lumbering limbs and paws, leaving Flux strong but slow and lacking in dexterity. His lower jaw takes up the majority of his head, and the back and top of his head sport a cluster of a dozen thick horns curving upwards behind him. Each of his limbs has a patch of jagged protective material on the outside of the middle joint. His feet are broad with three colossal toes each. He wears nothing, as there is nothing to be distastefully exposed.

Female Form

Flux's female form is brash, destructive, and selfish. Her radioactive power is almost constantly unleashed, causing a wild maelstrom of annihilation with her movements. To her, worlds exist not only for her consumption, but as inconsequential toys subject to her whims and the whims of her church. She favors methods of destruction that demonstrate the power in her various physical assets.

Flux's female body is lean and voluptuous, with a more slender head and limbs. She carries massive, heaving breasts that expand well past the sides of her torso and hang down to her midriff, thick, rounded hips that rival her chest in width, and shapely legs with slightly disproportionate length. Her head is proud and permanently smirking, with a cluster of a dozen horns protruding from the top and back of her head and curving downwards at a right angle. Her feet are exceptionally thick, and sport four long, spreading toes each. She changes outfits frequently, but always wears something that powerfully combines display and concealment so as to create allure.