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Sometimes referred to as "Portal Beasts", the Exinull are members of an unknown species, no greater than nine in number. Native to The Cradle, they are

Big, Big Trouble, [27.10.16 18:30] Portal beasts. Monstrous anthropomorphic creatures whose arms and legs bear astral counterparts which can enter physical space through mid-air portals.

Big, Big Trouble, [27.10.16 18:33] It gets better once you know that their astral portions are size-variable.

Big, Big Trouble, [27.10.16 18:34] A powerful portal beast no taller than you could use its colossal astral feet to trample down entire cities.

Big, Big Trouble, [27.10.16 18:34] Even if one was just your size, and even if its astral body was your size, it could outmuscle you with its four hands, put you on the ground, and thoroughly tromp all four feet upon you.