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Master Ethereal is the founder of the Bastion system, and is the deity to whom all Bastion inhabitants are enslaved. Ethereal's divine domains are dimension, feet, dominance, and souls. He appears as a black anthropomorphic dragon with a symmetry of glowing white markings which pulse in intensity depending upon his demeanor and power expenditure. He does not appear to possess any manner of organic biology, and refuses study of his internal mechanisms, claiming "it should be enough to know that I am a soul incarnate." While unsupported, there is currently no evidence available to refute this claim.


Ethereal is capable of interplanar shifting, colloquially known as "phasing." This allows him to reallocate his matter to the paraspatial subplane, thus becoming partially or wholly intangible and/or invisible. While phased out, Ethereal is able to expand or contract his matter in order to enlarge or shrink himself, although he has never been observed shrinking lower than ten feet in height. Ethereal is capable of shifting between subplanes at an approximate rate of once per 3.5 nanoseconds. This allows him to grow or shrink without the observable effect of breaking physical contact with his surroundings.