EPIC System

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An Electronic Personalized Interactions Coordinator, or EPIC for short, is the system of tablet/ring combination carried by every Bastion inhabitant. The standard EPIC is designed with an emphasis on portability, resilience, intuitive use, and comprehensive functionality. EPICs are powered by ZephyrOS in order to take advantage of its closed-system and ease of modularity. Individual inhabitants receive a free EPIC system upon passing induction which is customized to their purpose, rank and status.

EPIC tablets enable users with a wide array of functions, including browsing, social media, shared scheduling, image and video capture, contact organization and interaction, access to MIMIC, and information stored on the paired EPIC ring, in addition to an array of miscellaneous functions. Tablets are supported by a central helpdesk and are intended to be easily replaceable in the event of physical damage.

EPIC rings are worn on the foot or, less commonly, the hand. These rings bear the wearer's profile, including their clearance, size rights, autobiography, social media (barring aliases), and personal record. Rings are inserted into scanners for all recorded Bastion activity, including the acquisition of food and goods from the exchange, event attendance, and criminal prosecution. In ~98.4% of cases, no personally identifiable information is stored during a scan. The user's EPIC tablet is preset to prevent abuse of the simplicity and ease with which goods are acquired in Bastion economy as well as protect the privacy of the user.

EPIC Rings

The primary function of an EPIC ring is to denote the purpose, rank, and status of the wearer. Purpose is displayed via the material which composes the ring's exterior. Rank is displayed in two strips on opposite sides of the ring which cross the breadth of the piece. Status is displayed in a pattern over the remainder of the ring's exterior circumference.