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Drive is the spiritual manipulation of mana. As Drive requires a spirit, it may not be cast by soulless individuals or entities. However, given Skei Elud's corrupted nature, Drive naturally manifests across the planet, and may exist in persistent spells which were cast prior to the establishment of Skei Elud's Bastion. Drive is a direct expression of a soul into magic. This volatility makes it possible for an individual entirely unaware of the existence of Drive to cast and even guide a spell. Due to an unreliance on specific gestures, words or actions, any Drive spell may be cast while remaining perfectly still, including, in the case of a Drive-capable mortal, while sleeping. A practitioner of Drive is typically referred to as a Driver.


While Drive is a fluid and little-understood magic, certain themes of spellcraft have been found to consistently manifest with more predictability than freeform casting. These are the themes recognized by Drivers and, with the exception of Sacrifice, taught in Drive-focused academia.


Characterized by immovability and focus, Stoic Drive channels resilience and cold isolation.


Characterized by either targeted or radial energy, Hateful Drive channels bitterness, vengeance, and malevolence.


Characterized by achievement and restlessness, Ambitious Drive channels desire, skill, and indefatigability.


Characterized by loss, generosity, charity, and martyrdom, Sacrificial Drive channels love and desperation.