Destroyer's Order

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The only source of total devastation in the Travengar Polyverse which can rival the Filth, the Destroyer's Order is a coalition of five relatively similar religions, all of which are guided by their patron god and matron goddess, Saint Khyber and Lady Rosetta. The goals of the Order are as follows:

1. Crush, consume, annihilate.
2. Remove all obstacles which prevent 1.

Though each of the five churches holds and teaches different principles regarding destruction, all are agreed on the need to destroy. It is often theorized, even among members of the Order itself, that the individual churches could be enemies were they not held together by Khyber and Rosetta's leadership or the common enemies found in the Filth, the Curators or the Fractured Pantheon.

Church of Storm - Bolt Acolytia
Electricity arcs among the claws of the priests, and touch may result in anything from a mild jolt to instant biological death.
1. Make your presence known, but never your intent.
2. Weaponize the mind of your enemy.
3. Strike such that a single blow is sufficient.

Church of Cores - Umbral Kindred
Worlds literally burn beneath the treads of the priests. Catching fire as a result of contact is considered gentle treatment.
1. Burn such that all may know and believe.
2. Know that life will always arise from the ashes.
3. Remember to breathe.

Church of Power - The Atom Heralds
The step of a priest may produce an actual radioactive fallout rising up to and including a nuclear blast.
1. Pleasure is to be taken quietly, and never sought.
2. Only that which is temporary may be sacrificed.
3. All is connected by cause and effect.

Church of Death - Children of Decay
The step of a priest blights any surface underfoot, leaving debilitation in its wake.
1. All is born.
2. All dies.
3. All suffers.

Black Church - Eclipse
Priests blot out the stars of worlds upon which they seek to exact themselves. Wherever total darkness is present, their control is absolute.
1. The night is a gift given that all may rest soundly.
2. Darkness lay in the heart of all mortals, and to the mortals does such darkness belong.
3. Tranquility is the solution to all problems.

Church of Venom - The Grand Expiry
Priests leave airborne toxins in their wake which pose harm only to creatures which breathe, and to nothing else.
1. Life is the ultimate harm and destruction.
2. Every moment of life is a blessing of which the living are unworthy.
3. Death is unpleasant only in mind.