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Coagulates are intelligent elemental gels formed from the dragons' heavy use of magic on Brimstone. Their insides consist entirely of a thick fluid that differs based on the elemental composition of the individual coagulate (with the exception of water coagulates, whose insides are 100% pure water by default). Their outsides consist of thick, soft gels to encase this fluid. Their magical and elemental natures permit them to shape- and sizeshift. Most coagulates in Brimstone's wilds will default to forms easiest for locomotion, which involves a solid "blob" base from which the rest of their body rises. Coagulates in the IBN, however, almost always present as anthropomorphic, including a large mimicry of breasts. While coagulates clearly possess no gender, they are all accepted as female due to the feminine voices they project and their feminine bodily preferences.

All coagulates, even water, possess the ability to reconstitute their masses. Should a coagulate be crushed and scattered about, she can still gather herself up into her previous form, and experiences no pain or discomfort regardless of the method with which she is physically interacted. However, they may also combine or divide themselves, making for an invariably fluid coagulate population in the Brimstone Bastion.

Coagulates are generally disinterested in size, submission, and domination alike. This means that they may be found at any size, ranging from a few inches tall to - outside the Bastion - thousands of feet tall. While they don't seek to engage in Bastion culture for selfish reasons, they are universally curious and playful, and thus enjoy participating in it for the sake of the culture itself. Many coagulates are pleased to submit to superiors, and are usually so happy just to be a part of something that they will fill the bottoms of someone's favorite shoes to serve as their insoles for an outing. Similarly, larger coagulates can understand when an inferior is interested on them, and they are pleased to engage in all manner of dominant behavior. The other dominant species consistently report that being gently stepped on by a coagulate is an incredibly soothing and even therapeutic experience due to the thick, pillowy surface they form in their soles and toes (although dragons and basilisks are reluctant to admit such).