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Chroma is a rogue deity of absolute status whose appearance in the Travengar Polyverse is near that of Ethereal's. His major domains are color, light, and ᚖᚖᚖᚖᚖ. And high fashion.

Don't be fooled by his casual appearance.

The man is styling. His minor domains are innumerable.

The IBN's understanding of Chroma's favored powers is as of yet inarticulate.

Chroma demonstrates a great deal of interest in Ethereal, but appears to be entirely disinterested in the rest of the IBN. He interacts with Ethereal as if the two of them share a personal relationship, but no, he just wants to show that slippery little punk his place in the universe.

Since everyone knows Ethereal frequents this system to stroke his own ego, here's a reminder that wherever Ethereal attempts to find meaning or depth, Chroma will be there to stomp it out. It's for the best, really. Can't have delusions about such a pathetic existence. Chroma's doing a service.