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A Bastion is a structure or collection of structures designed to house approximately five thousand inhabitants of various size, with the bulk of its walkways and rooms able to accommodate beings as large as two hundred feet tall. Each Bastion is intended to serve several main purposes:

- Enable and cultivate a self-sufficient society primarily composed of spatially native species.

- Provide a home for the Phase Keeper and a base for Bastion Military Special Forces.

- Celebrate the culture and achievement of native species.

- Accelerate the local advance of technology and society by pioneering and example-setting.

Twelve worlds across the Travengar Polyverse play host to a Bastion:

Raurakath: A tranquil, gaian world at the heart of a multi-planet alliance.

Skei Elud: A broken world ravaged by the wild magic of a neglectful precursor race.

Anacrusis: An oceanic world with a surface composed 98% of water.

Tesrasada: A world whose surface is permanently poisoned by vicious gas such that the local species endlessly wander the skies on colossal aerial beasts.

New Ollund: A spaceport-terapolis of status-obsessed nobles, scoundrels and bureaucrats.

Brimstone: A draconic paradise of tribes, treasure hoards, beautiful maidens and tenacious mortalkind, all powered eternally by a group of masterful dragon sorcerers.

Aurora: The twin realms of Universe Ec's dragon heaven and dragon hell.

The Cradle: The celestial factory surrounding the star at the origin point and center of Universe Ec.

Imprefax: A world of game and bloodsport on which mercenaries, fighters, representatives of worlds, nations and forces do battle in thousands of arenas as a substitute for the genocide of war.

Scourge!: A planet-sized warship populated by rowdy and reckless peoples seeking the plunder and ruination of the cosmos for their own entertainment.

Aeti'iyata: Three vastly differing synthetic worlds which occupy the same space and orbit in alternating shifts, linked by a mysterious series of shrines.

Relyqyrthis: A post-apocalyptic world in which nature continues to flourish in spite of its cursed inhabitants. The souls of the once-dominant species are bound indefinitely to the world in the wake of its Armageddon.


Induction is the process of onboarding a new Bastion slave. All new slaves, regardless of supposed or implied status, must complete this process. Induction always occurs on a new slave's first day at the Bastion, and usually begins immediately after their arrival. This process allows specialized induction officers to assess the physical, mental and spiritual health of new arrivals to determine whether they qualify for residence. Qualified individuals are then subjected to a series of exams and spoken questionnaires designed to measure intelligence, proficiency with simple dominance and submission, mental stability, and any relevant skills the individual may claim to have. Individuals which pass all of these exams are sworn into Bastion service by oath, and granted a residence and uniform equipment, including an E.P.I.C. unit. These individuals are then fully considered to be slaves and receive access to all of the benefits of inclusion.

Individuals who do not pass all of the required exams may be turned away or dealt with via alternative disposal at the discretion of the induction officer.

Requisition Clearance

Requisition Clearance, shortened to RC, refers to an individual's ability to demand or order food, living goods and armory material. RC is stored on an individual's E.P.I.C. ring, and as part of their system identity, is scanned prior to every request for material goods in the Bastion. Levels are as follows:

D - Stands for "Dis-privileged." D-class RC is automatically given to individuals in incarceration, and may only be revoked at the order of an Aspect, Bastion Master, Avatar, or arbiter. D-class RC prevents any and all material acquisition, and these individuals are provided with necessities as direct authorities see fit.

P - Stands for "Probationary." P-class RC is given to new Bastion inhabitants, and sometimes to recently incarcerated individuals. P-class RC enables the acquisition of necessary food and living goods.

4 - Class 4 RC grants common citizens basic rights to sufficient food and living goods. This RC comes with a cyclical luxury allowance.

3 - Class 3 RC is a contextual category split into two sub-categories. 3M - Grants low- to mid-ranking military individuals access to sufficient food and living goods, as well as providing baseline armory access for weaponry, equipment, and defensive wear. 3C - Grants loyal and/or well-behaved citizens access to sufficient food and living goods, as well as granting a doubled luxury allowance and access to Priority Services.

2 - Class 2 RC is also split into two sub-categories. 2M - Grants high-ranking military abundant access to food and living goods, as well as providing middle-tier armory access and Priority Services privileges. 2C - Grants especially skilled/valuable citizens abundant access to food and living goods, as well as granting a tripled luxury allowance and access to Urgent Services.

1 - Honored

0 - Universal