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When a dragon dies in universe Zo, they are transported to the afterlife of Aurora. Unlike most afterlives, Aurora is a physical location with physical angels and demons. Aurora is comprised of three realms: Heaven, Hell, and Limbo. The determinants surrounding a new arrival's destination are unclear.

Its native species include:

- Seraphim

- Teraphim

- Ketaphim

- Nephilim


Not to be confused with many other heavens, Heaven is not a place of virtue and goodness. It is a place of pleasure and decadence, where relaxation, celebration, and indulging behaviors are valued, but hard work by angels is frowned upon. Heaven manages to function by using labor from Limbo to pick up the slack where critical functions must be maintained.


Not to be confused with many other hells, Hell is not necessarily a place of suffering and punishment, although anyone can expect to suffer if they slack off on the job. Hell is a place of productivity and efficiency, where hard work, ingenuity, and innovation are rewarded, but sloth is practically criminal. Hell is a well-oiled machine that also outsources certain tasks to Limbo.


Limbo is a desolate space equidistant from Heaven and Hell. The only true form of punishment afterlife, it is a place where souls are stripped of their individuality and gradually shrink away until a warden devours them. Arrivals can slow the fading process by accepting work contracts for Heaven and Hell - often ending up in either manual labor, if they haven't yet shrunken much, or service roles if they have.