Ahrok Zeria

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"Actually, a barefoot exploration of a city from fifty thousand feet up IS applied science." - Ahrok, educating a skeptic on academic pursuits.

Ahrok Zeria is the head Scholar of the Raurakathian Bastion, and the second mortal to ascend via Project Apotheosis.

Major Domains: Curiosity, engineering, invention.
Minor Domains: Cruelty, femininity, wit.


Ahrok is from a Dayspring approximately three thousand years in the future. As the sole heiress to real estate magnate Scotham

A deceptively playful grin. Avoid at all costs.

Zeria's fortune, she was made obscenely wealthy at the age of 19 when her father died in a fluke automobile wreck. Given free reign of both the fortune and the opulent Zeria mansion, she commissioned construction of an enormous underground laboratory beneath the mansion. Here, she put her super-genius intellect to work.

Ahrok quickly discovered that she preferred alchemy, gadgetry, and weapon design to more conventional engineering problems. Inventions that caused body modifications became a fast pattern (and for this reason it is unknown just how much of her is "natural"). Most infamously, she invented devices to enlarge herself as well as devices to shrink others. Due to the spread of rumors originating from delivery personnel - those among the few who ever saw Ahrok in the flesh - the dragoness became an urban legend in the form of "the witch of Zeria mansion", a girl who'd grown a little bigger every time someone laid eyes upon her.

In addition, Ahrok employed a marketing campaign targeted at those she considered to be "losers", namely, young individuals with minimal association in the form of friends or family. Her flyers advertised payment for scientific trials performed in a safe environment. However, upon arriving on her doorstep, willing participants would be lulled in by the dragoness, taken down into her laboratory, experimented upon, and then disposed of.

As a deeply psychopathic individual with boundless resources, Ahrok managed to increase her fortune by taking government weapons contracts, sometimes for foreign governments. Through a series of anonymizing measures, she became an arms dealer selling newer and deadlier guns and explosives out of her laboratory. She approximates that her inventions were responsible for 1.4 billion deaths, accompanied with the assurance that she'd know because the weapons kept track themselves.

As the large and wealthy dragoness grew larger and wealthier, she began to leave her residence in order to exert power and influence over the nearby metropolis of Cadraga City. Wielding her money, her status as Scotham Zeria's daughter, and her cunning facades as blunt instruments, she positioned herself on the boards of Cadraga's largest commercial organizations. Ahrok bought up huge sections of the city and established herself as the sole benefactor to Cadraga's government by keeping at hand the possibility of pulling her money out of the city should she be displeased with it.

With this control established and effective ownership of Cadraga set in her mind, Ahrok set about a new construction project: A series of towering pylons set in a circle around the metropolis. She claimed that these pylons formed a defense grid specifically for the city she loved, but in truth, they were her most ambitious invention - transpatial force projectors. With a linked-up rig in her laboratory, Ahrok was able to interact with a tiny hologram of the city. When she stood near or on top of it, her image would be projected as if she was tens of thousands of feet tall, and when her body intersected with the hologram, a simulation of the intersection would inflict real damage upon the real city. In other words, she could crush it all underfoot, and did. Cadraga City was exterminated and wiped off the Dayspring map overnight such that no government authority could identify the cause. The three-toed footprints in which the ruins of the city were embedded weren't much of a clue - after all, dragons were the world's dominant species.

Ethereal bore witness to this after taking a gamble on a portal he knew would send him to an unknown time. Rashly promising Ahrok more power than she could imagine, and after demonstrating that before him, Ahrok had none, the dragoness agreed to leave Dayspring behind and join Ethereal in the IBN.

Bastion Presence

Keenly aware that Ahrok's psychopathy cannot be cured, the IBN maintains a precarious balance with her. Ethereal claims to be able to kill her on a whim regardless of her divine status, though he refuses to explain the method by which he intends to enforce this. She has been observed suffering nondescript pain when acting in a manner that arouses Ethereal's suspicion or works to the detriment of the IBN, which strongly implies legitimacy to Ethereal's claim.

Ahrok is kept under an exceptional level of surveillance via a special EPIC ring, and as Ethereal as demonstrated, any attempt she makes to tamper with it results in invisible punishment.

Likely due to aforementioned psychopathy, Ahrok is considered the single most controversial figure in the Raurakathian Bastion. Thanks to her powerful manipulative and aesthetic charms, she's widely loved and a source of great collective infatuation, but those who are more aware of her deceptions and remorselessness tend to discourage others from interacting with her at all. She is perhaps the only individual in the entirety of the Raurakathian Bastion who is overtly disdainful of the Aspects and the Avatar.

Ahrok is exclusively 210 feet tall while within a Bastion (due to pushing on the 200 foot limit and being permitted to do so) and divides her time between the R&D wing where she directs the rest of the Scholars, and seeking to dominate as many people as remotely possible.

On EPIC's ratings leaderboard, her position fluctuates in the top ten of best dominants on Raurakath.