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Aeti'iyata [ay-tee-ee-yata] is an anomalous sphere of space within which three different, identically-sized planets alternate manifestation. The space cycles through these worlds in the same order, with each cycle lasting roughly ten hours; the stomping wealds of Aeti'ampragda, the steeled deserts of Aeti'utoma, and the prismatic seas of Aeti'egalnta.

Its native species include:

- Dragons (Displaced)

- Miralisks (Mirrored between phases, physically change on phase)

- Voidweavers

- Julohm


Observer, there is a deep mystery to Aeti'iyata, but none of us may pursue it. But via the vaguest terms, we cannot speak of it. Even with effort, we cannot describe it. Lightly, we can sense it, but no further. It has something to do with the dragons. Something to do with the iyatan cycle, has something to do with forces well beyond us, and well beyond the most powerful of us. Know that in this way, the Bastion's monitoring protects us.

End message.

Unauthorized investigation into this mystery will be considered a severe infraction punishable by standard methods. Repeat offenders will be executed. Your profile WILL be flagged. No exceptions.