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Aesebyr, more commonly referred to as "Saber", is the Omnipotent goddess presiding over Universe Ec. To all who have seen her either in person or in image, she is the single most beautiful creature in existence. Saber can effortlessly shift into any form she wishes, but typically manifests as an enormous, bipedal, crimson dragoness with blue eyes and voluptuous features.

Saber's behavior is extremely unpredictable. She has been known to present in an extreme range of sizes from several hundred feet tall to an immeasurable height spanning an unknown number of lightyears. Naturally, this has resulted in her flat-out destroying large regions of space simply by the sheer size of her body. In tamer circumstances, she's been known to briefly parley with upper Bastion personnel by towering over said Bastion (usually by thousands or tens of thousands of feet) and speaking conversationally with said personnel.

Effects of Exposure

Exposure to Saber has increasingly dramatic effects on mortals the longer they are exposed to her, and the speed at which these effects take hold seems to quintuple when this exposure is direct in-person contact with the goddess. Additionally, these effects appear to affect both males and females with relatively equal severity; males are physically attracted, and females are vicarious. Individuals in earlier stages will be progressively less affected in Saber's prolonged absence, and thus do not generally require intervention of any sort. Individuals who have just had a prolonged experience with Saber require immediate therapy so as to avoid losing valuable personnel.

Stage 1: Infatuation. In this stage, affected mortals frequently dote on Saber, bringing her up in conversation unprompted and daydreaming.

Stage 2: Habitual worship. In this stage, affected mortals begin to ritually pray to Saber, and may wear symbols they consider to be representative of Saber on their person.

Stage 3: Primary obsession. In this stage, affected mortals develop extreme interest in Saber, dedicating the majority of their time to worshiping her. They will attempt to summon Saber, and Saber has not proven unresponsive to these attempts.

Stage 4: Zealous sacrifice. In this stage, affected mortals dedicate their existences to Saber, losing all control over their faculties, thought patterns, and behaviors. These individuals will abandon all of their duties and relationships in order to draw closer to Saber, and are guaranteed to repeatedly attempt to summon her unless forcibly restrained.