Abyssal Monarchs

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The Abyssal Monarchs (also "Abyssals", "Abbies") are sleek, amphibious, bipedal predators native to Anacrusis. They're similar to sharks with prominent wide mouths and enormous sharp teeth, but unlike sharks, possess two long ears that stretch from the upper sides of their head. Seagrass similar to poseidonia grows on their heads, which they tend to style as if it's hair. A hard and tough coral also tends to grow on their limbs, providing them with symbiotic armor. Abyssals are capable of breathing intensely warm air or fire, which translates into heated waters when they're submerged. Abyssals average between twenty and thirty feet in height at maturity.

While abyssals integrated into the Bastion coexist well enough with other species, the large majority of abyssals are hostile to other Anacrusian species. They frequently organize into raiding parties on ships, Noble cities, or the continent's coasts, where they will play scoring games to see who can squish the most Siphora and Koleido. They may also take slaves during these raids, which is often a death sentence of indeterminate duration. It's not unusual for a favored slave to be kept alive as long as possible, nor is it uncommon for them to be immediately killed upon being brought back to the abyssal's home.

Abyssals have savage appearances, but this is a deception. They are both highly intelligent and culturally refined, employing savagery primarily for spreading fear among the other species. Abyssals have a high affinity for power metal, and under the effects of sufficiently loud metal, may grow to twice or even thrice their normal size. This, more than anything, makes their raids particularly devastating.